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Non-electromagnetic: an important trend of micro-motor development

Non-electromagnetic: an important trend of micro-motor development

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2005/12/27 15:20
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SMA motor: modeling and precise control is the focus of research

The metallographic structure of the shape memory alloy (SMA) is martensitic at room temperature and becomes an austenitic state when heated to the phase transition temperature and returns to the martensitic state when the temperature falls below the phase transition temperature. If SMA is machined in a martensitic state to a certain shape and then heated to above the phase transition temperature, the SMA will be kept in mind. SMA can be processed into another shape at lower than the metal phase transition temperature, but when the temperature reaches or exceeds the transition temperature, the SMA automatically changes to the original memory shape. SMA motors that are sensitive to ambient temperature can be made using the shape memory characteristics of SMA.

SMA motors are widely used in the medical field. Such as the surgeon in the patient before surgery to detect the situation within the human body, such as endoscopy.

At present, scientists have developed a successful use of SMA motor active endoscope, endoscope active part of the five active bending joints, each joint in different directions to install the SMA motor, joint bending shape to determine Bending direction, so that you can achieve no damage, no pain, endoscopy.