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UAV is becoming the next blue ocean of micro-motors

UAV is becoming the next blue ocean of micro-motors

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2016/05/02 15:20
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According to the American Consumer Electronics Association, the global market of consumer UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) will total $ 6.4 billion in 2015, with revenue of $ 130 million and total sales of 425,000 units, up 50% year on year. The association also expects that the total market of UAVs will continue to rise, and in 2024, it will be increased to $11.5 billion. By then, the market share of civilian UAVs will increase from the current 11% to 14%, up to $ 1.6 billion.

About half of the UAV brands exhibited at the CES in the United States this year were from China, and China's UAV products have been recognized by the market. Dajiang Innovation Science and Technology Co., Ltd. from Shenzhen, China accounted for 40% of the global UAV market sales, which is the leader of UAV manufacturing enterprises worldwide.

In fact, before the civilian use of UAVs, micro-motors independently researched and developed by the Chinese had been successfully applied in the space projects, when the industry believed that in the future the military field would become the most important market of micro-motors. However, after entering 2015, UAVs seized the news headlines at the lightning speed, stunning people around the world.

With the booming of the UAV market, UAV related industry chains have also ushered in opportunities for development. There is no doubt that the motor is the most important part of a micro-UAV, whose function is directly related to the performance of the UAV flight. Therefore, in recent years, the market of specialized UAV motors with high reliability, high performance and long life has become very vibrant. The sales of enterprises are also in rapid growth. In contrast, the output of general motors is on the decline, as China's population dividend is disappearing after the financial crisis. Domestic motor exports and domestic sale are facing great pressure from competitions.