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Company Culture
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Our philosophy
              Regarding talents as the fundamental resources, seeking development based on technology
              Winning the market through branding, and winning credibility through quality
Our spirit
Wholehearted dedication
    ·Loyalty to the company and the career;
    ·Consciously devote our wisdom and knowledge to the company;
    ·Have the realization of personal values based on the realization of the corporate value.
The fighting entrepreneurial spirit
    ·Remember the history of starting our undertaking, and keep the fine tradition;
    ·Train ourselves with the excellent quality of challenging difficulties and hard-working;
    ·Prudent, diligent and honest, and fighting against pride and complacent, extravagance and waste.
The fighting spirit of daring to fight tough battles
    ·Consciously increase pressures, dare to shoulder the burden, and strive for victories;
    ·Full of confidence and fighting spirit in the face of new tasks;
    ·Complete urgent, difficult, dangerous, heavy temporary tasks with assured quantity, quality, and time.
The spirit of collaboration to care the overall situation
    ·Firmly establish the concept that the company is a unity and cultivate team spirit;
    ·Attach the highest importance to the interests of the company, against the narrow-minded collectivism and individualism;
    ·Strengthen the unity among departments and among employees; the upstream process services the downstream process; and the downstream process creates conditions for the upstream process
The spirit of ownership to share the company’s troubles
    ·Have personal fate closely linked with that of the enterprise;
    ·The relationship between the individual and the collective, the individual obey the collective;
    ·Speak and act to show the status and image of the master.
Our innovation culture
    ·Innovation is the key for Jilaisheng to have life and vitality.
    ·In the face of the new situations, new tasks, establish new ideas, and new senses, we reject conservation and stagnancy.
    ·We actively promote management innovation, organizational innovation, scientific and technological innovation, and brand innovation.
Our talent strategy
    ·Attract and retain talents through excellent performances and promising prospects;
    ·Create a stage for talents to grow and display their abilities, so that they feel it promising to work with the company;
    ·Integrate the fulfillment of the historical mission to have the company listed in the stock market with giving full play to the abilities of talents, so that they will establish lofty ideals and ambitions.
    ·Create a good atmosphere of respecting knowledge and talents;
    ·Retain talents through guidance in ideology, help in work, and care in life; the market competition is eventually the competition of talents.
    ·Develop talent incentive policies, which reflect the value of knowledge; establish an open, fair and equitable system for selecting technical backbones and leading cadres.
Our work style
    ·Strict governance, strict management, strict guidance of the team;
    ·Strict implementation of the company’s rules and regulations, strict assessment;
    ·It is necessary to reflect the objective laws of large-scale production in the process of strict management
    ·We implement fine management; precision requires quick wit, and fineness requires meticulousness;
    ·Careful planning, costs reduction; 
    ·Make careful and reliable planning, and methodical implementation.
    ·Time is efficiency and profits;
    ·Resolute, aggressive;
    ·Create a tense and orderly working atmosphere.